System of Record

You may know that Joyfill is a form solution but did you know that we are also a system of record? We do this through two main architecture decisions. First is data independence and second is revision management.

Template and Submission Independence

Form submissions exist independently from the original template. Each submission has everything that it needs to display the fields and captured data. Once the submission is created it no longer depends on the original template. Mutations, additions, and deletions to the original template do not impact all the historical submissions submitted from the template.

Ensuring historical accuracy is especially important when contracts, agreements, waivers, or anything else that requires legal signature is involved.

Major Benefits

  • Eliminates the accidental impact on historical submissions when the original template is modified.
  • Removes the need to implement hidden field functionality on the template for the purpose of protecting historical submissions. Hidden fields for data protection creates ugly and bloated forms with lots of fields that are only relevant to the historical submissions.
  • Eliminates complex version management between templates and submissions.
  • Single source of truth when modifying or storing the JSON.

Revision Management

Joyfill supports revision management. This allows for point in time recovery of any version of the template or submission that was previously saved.

Even though template and submission modifications do not impact each other, this capability allows the user to restore back to a previous versions of the individual submission or template easily and quickly.


If you have any questions regarding this functionality please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team using the live chat on the Joyfill website.