Welcome to Joyfill! It's easy to get started with a Joyfill Developer account and add powerful form and digital PDF capabilities to your product or service. Just follow the steps below and you'll be up and running shortly.

Setup Steps

The steps below are the prerequisites you will need to accomplish before moving on to the rest of our getting started guides. A couple of the steps below will be done in our Joyfill Manager.

Step 1: Create Joyfill Account

To begin working with Joyfill, go to Joyfill's Platform and create an account (jump to step 2 if you already have an account). By creating an account you will add yourself as the first user to your newly created Joyfill Organization and be placed inside the Joyfill Manager.

Step 2: Generate Your userAccessToken

Once you're inside the Joyfill Manager you will want to select from the top navigation bar Settings & Users -> Manager Users -> and click "Access Tokens" button next to your user. Once the modal appears select "Add Access Token". Copy and securely store your access token for later use.

Step 3: Create Your First Template

Create your first template within the Joyfill Manager by going to the Template Library tab in the top navigation and click the "Add Template".

We recommended following this guide Create Your First Template when creating your first template. This makes it easy to experiment with the different parts of the Joyfill Platform easily.

Step 4: Get your template identifier

Inside the Joyfill Manager you will want to select from the top navigation bar Template Library and under your Templates table list within the column ID copy that for pasting into our example React/JS guides.