Key Terminology

Descriptions of Joyfill's main data types and concepts

A note about terminology used in this documentation. There are a few terms we'll use that have alternate meanings, and you may be more familiar with the other definitions. We feel it's important for us to clarify the terminology below.

  • Organization - Your company or product that is integrating with Joyfill.
  • Group - One of your customers or an entity you want to group a set of templates, documents and users underneath.
  • User - An individual interacting with the Joyfill Platform.
    • Organization User - An individual/employee within your organization. For instance, one of your developers.
    • Group User - An individual/employee that belongs to one of your customers.
  • Template - A saved Form or PDF that will be filled out via a user or populated via API request repeatedly.
  • Document - A filled out template or a single use document.
    • Template Instance - A document that was generated from a Template.
    • Single Instance - A document that is generated and meant to be used only once.
  • Library - A saved list of Templates.

Template vs Document

The Joyfill platform supports documents and templates. Documents and templates both share a similar data structure (the JoyDoc). Documents and templates provide a way to organize and utilize the data based on its intended use case within your product or service. By sharing a similar data structure it makes it really easy to work with documents and templates together/interchangeably.


The template type is used to power template based workflows within Joyfill.

A template is a saved set of fields, layouts, styles, etc. that will be populated via api request or filled out by a user repeatedly.

When you fill out a template it generates a document from the original template structure and schema.


The document type is the default and general purpose type for managing the Joyfill document data.

The document type can represent a single instance document, an instance of a filled out template and much more.