Support Legacy PDFs

Populate local and paper based PDFs using Joyfill Exports



In this guide we are going to show you how to quickly digitize an existing PDF and turn it into a Joyfill Template.

Once you have converted your PDF into a Joyfill Template you can utilize it with any other part of the Joyfill Platform. For instance, embed it in your application, generate a downloadable export, allow users to fill it out with data, and much more.

Required Steps

Why We Support PDFs in Joyfill

We support existing PDFs because sometimes you or your customers don't have the ability to change the layout or style of a PDF. For instance, the PDF may be required by a regulatory body or an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) like a Fire Department.

We have good news! The Joyfill Builder has been designed with this in mind. The builder can be used to build next generation forms or digitize existing legacy PDFs. There's no need to learn multiple tools. The same builder can handle all scenarios. This makes it easier for you and for your customers if they're the ones creating their own forms and digital PDFs.

Continue on to see how to create digital PDFs inside of Joyfill.

Navigate to your Template Library

Once you've created a Joyfill Developer account you will now be able to start building out your Document Templates library. Document Templates are your saved forms and pdfs structures that you or your customers will use to populate with data, export to PDF, etc.

Click "Add Template" to get started. This will navigate you to the template builder page.

Build your first PDF template

Now that you're on the template builder page we are going to start off by building a simple Work Order template. Follow the steps below and feel free to add any styles or extra fields you want. Just make sure add the fields mentioned below along with the identifiers so that the rest of the guide makes sense.

Step 1: Upload your existing PDF. You can do this by clicking on the little cog button at the top of the middle section. Once you've clicked the cog button you will see the Template settings located in the right panel. Upload your PDF in the upload box.

You should be able to visually see your PDF in the Builder's Middle Section. Once we have our PDF uploaded we can begin placing fields over the appropriate areas on the PDF to handle data collection and data display.

Step 2: Drag and Drop a Short Text Field and a Long Text Field onto your uploaded PDF. My Short Text Field will be used for collecting and displaying a customer's name. My Long Text Field will be used for collecting and displaying details about the work order.

Step 3: Now we need to set field identifiers to enable data mapping. Change the identifier of the Short Text Field to be "job_customer" and the Description field to be "job_description".

Step 5: Save your changes!


Congratulations! You have officially converted a Legacy PDF into a powerful Joyfill Template. Now that you have converted your PDF you can utilize it with any other part of the Joyfill.